Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CTI Updates

I encourage any who have attended CTI in the past to consider the new program we are launching in Essex County. The CTI coporate team is more involved on a day to day basis which will ensure we have the best possible instructor delivering quality inovative classes. New for 2006-07 is the CTI e-workbook that is included with your student workbook. The CTI e-workbook will allow you to save a digital color copy of the student workbook that allows you to search the document by DTC or phrase which makes it much easier to find the informaiton you are looking for. As we expand the CTI e-workbook you will find the same animations used in the classroom will play in your CTI e-workbook.

We also have a large number of new courses that are designed to give the Canadian technician the added information needed to make a difference in the bay. Stay tuned for the lineup which will be available later today. If you would like to see our catalog you can visit http://www.carquest.com/proCTI.html

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