Wednesday, March 05, 2008

EVAP Course -- March 2008

With EVAP course coming soon-- time to dust off your ALLDATA or Mitchell1 or in this case the CARQUESTDIRECTHIT (powered by Identifix ) and try some cars that have caused you a problem -- to see how these internet based help tools can save you time and trouble.

If you would like a demo on DIRECT HIT - click here and - or call call 866-698-1976 and ask for Jeff Meyer - the guy who is responsible for Ontario -- he has hosted a few clinics in the area with the most recent at the Harrow Transportation Museum on Feb 25 -the shops whom attended had a good time. Jeff does an excellent phone demo to give you an idea of how this ( or similar systems ) can save you LOTS of time in finding that problem --- how much is your time worth ?

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