Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hybrids - how to keep up to date

the upcoming training session on Hybrids -- want to see some more info on general info for Hybrids ...click here

WIRED mag blog on Hybrid's

or this general 'green site on enviro friendly vehicles and news


Got a great site --share it with us all - post a comment

Dates posted for CTI courses

Dates set f or CTI courses ---

First one -- Wed Nov 29th & Thur 30 th

The pdf copy has been updated --see further down the BLOG and click on the link to download the full page

#2 Jan 24 & 25 ALL DATES are WED & THUR
#3 Feb 21 & 22
#4 April 18 & 19
#5 May 30 & 31
#6 June 20 & 21

We are awaiting confirmation of the exact business development course

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tire Monitoring Systems ??

This is a new line for all of us -- expect more data to be available from your CARQUEST jobber salesman or counterperson in a reasonable time ... in the mean time here is the company web site for more info

Schrader TPMS questions

There is a ONE DAY course on this scheduled for Jan in CTI - here is course outline ...

TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SYSTEMS - 4 - - Jan (date to be set soon) ( 1 Day ) Room #320
Tire Pressure Monitor Systems are being installed on all light vehicles in the US/Canada. By 2008 all vehicles must be equipped with a system that warns the driver of a tire pressure safety issue. The initial versions of this technology were many and varied but fairly simple to service. However the new technologies require a process to be installed in the service facility that will ensure the profitability of the repair. If a customer comes in to your shop for any tire repair or service and you don't test the sensors before the service, you will be responsible for any faulty sensor. This could cost you hundreds of dollars. Learn to properly service and repair TPMS systems profitably.

Other options on Training ?

Hey - CTI is NOT the only way to lean ... but it is sure one good way. There are other ways to get smarter as well. Check out this site

Linder Tech - past archives

If you have another special site you like-- post a comment for others to share and learn.

See you tonight at CTI intro course

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rough course schedule posted for CTI

A rough schedule of the CTI courses is available - please click on this >>>>>CTI Course offered at St Clair for 2007

The exact dates will be set on Tue Oct 31st and will be updated here and copies to area store salesmen.

Note - we are asking for a vote on intro course night to see if a sample SATURDAY to replace two evening courses is an option. You have the power to tailer your training.

training PAYS -- not costs

The value in improved training is faster job completion, fewer come backs -- less guessing and 'hoping'. We feel that the value of CTI is only LIMITED by your attitude to want to learn more ....

The value is again reinforced at the old price of $1250 for a FULL SHOP ( up to 6 tech's ) or a $700 for a one man shop. At 6 techs for 6 seminars ( 12 nights ) ---thats $17.36 each man each night --- value -- you bet -- . Even the one man shop at $700 divided by 12 night s = $58.33 -- still a value for the knowledge.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Can a BLOG work - to help tech's on CTI training

Hello - the first of hopefully many posts to make the CTI training in Essex County/ Windsor better for the techs. Randy from Central Ave and Lary Goudge have been invited to join along with Chris Chesney from Raleigh. Watch to see how this grows.

Yes --Lary spells his name with only ONE 'R'