Thursday, November 30, 2006

Mitchell1 shop management - options for training

Mitchell is asking how users of their SHOP MANAGEMENT program how they would like to receive EXTRA training and help -- now that is a nice gesture -- if you use Mitchell ( or where thinking about a shop management program like this ) -- why not check this link out ... Click here ! to see options from Mitchell for shop management training

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More on Tire Pressure Monitor Systems

In Jan we have a ONE DAY course for Tire Pressure Monitor Systems ... on Thur Jan 25th. Want to get a head start - check out this pdf download here >>>> Tire Pressure Monitor Info sheet (2mb pdf)

There is also another mention of TPMS earlier in this blog

TIRE PRESSURE MONITOR SYSTEMS - 4 - - 6:30 pm Thur Jan 25( 1 Day ) #320
Tire Pressure Monitor Systems are being installed on all light vehicles in the US. By 2008 all vehicles must be equipped with a system that warns the driver of a tire pressure safety issue. The initial versions of this technology were many and varied but fairly simple to service. However the new technologies require a process to be installed in the service facility that will ensure the profitability of the repair. If a customer comes in to your shop for any tire repair or service and you don't test the sensors before the service, you will be responsible for any faulty sensor. This could cost you hundreds of dollars. Learn to properly service and repair TPMS systems profitably.

Your competition comes in many forms

Here is an interesting article -- on your newest competition .. . attempting to take your business from YOUR shop.

Encourage your boss to have a maintenance scheduling program. See your CARQUEST rep or fellow tech's on boards like i-ATN for more info

onStar handles maintenance needs

Monday, November 13, 2006

gasket training for new apprentices ?

Check out this site Solutions for Gasket problems

Home page is here ... see the new intake manifold sets -- included additional gaskets to speed up the job CARQUEST Gaskets

Show the new guys there s a world of helpful knowledge out there for them. Training on the 'nuts and bolts' is important, too

the CARS --they keep a changin

General Motors Corp. may begin development work soon on a new rechargeable battery-electric motor hybrid car that would use an onboard internal-combustion engine as a generator to produce electricity to extend the range of the vehicle's power cells, GM Vice Chairman Robert Lutz said in an interview with auto industry trade publication Automotive News this week.

The car may be unveiled as a prototype next year and will not be an emissions-free vehicle, unlike GM's defunct EV1.

The prototype will run initially on power provided by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and will switch to electricity provided by the onboard gasoline motor or diesel-fueled generator when the battery charge runs out, according to a knowledgeable person within the company. The car would need to recharge twice per day and probably would have a battery range of 20 to 30 miles before needing to switch to electricity generated by the motor.

Ready for our HYBRID course latter this year?

Monday, November 06, 2006

NOV is FREE month for Mitchell Labour trial

If you have WEB-LINK --there is a free trail for Mitchell Labour data and Service Internal data. On Dec 1 this service will cost $15.00 if you want to extend it.

Is it worth the $15 to you? Can better data easily pay back that this cost? Or Not?

Thursday, November 02, 2006

30 Second training ....

Do you have a WEB-LINK account so you can look up and order parts thru the internet ( if you don't - ask your salesman -it is free and very helpful - open 7-24 ) ...when you are in WEB-LINK the next time --click on the 'MyCARQUESThomepage' link on the top -- news items - just one could save you $$ or make you just that little bit smarter ...try it ...tell us your comments

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Helpful Links

EK Williams current newsletter

You can subscribe to Bob Greenwoods monthly newsletter - here is thecurrent one --all training is good training ... and this one is free