Wednesday, March 05, 2008

EVAP Course -- March 2008

With EVAP course coming soon-- time to dust off your ALLDATA or Mitchell1 or in this case the CARQUESTDIRECTHIT (powered by Identifix ) and try some cars that have caused you a problem -- to see how these internet based help tools can save you time and trouble.

If you would like a demo on DIRECT HIT - click here and - or call call 866-698-1976 and ask for Jeff Meyer - the guy who is responsible for Ontario -- he has hosted a few clinics in the area with the most recent at the Harrow Transportation Museum on Feb 25 -the shops whom attended had a good time. Jeff does an excellent phone demo to give you an idea of how this ( or similar systems ) can save you LOTS of time in finding that problem --- how much is your time worth ?

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Some prices up - some down

While many prices continue to drop to reflect the stronger Cdn doll;ar --some things are tied to items like COPPER and LEAD and --well -- PLATINUM

See the chart for a huge increase in Platinum prices ... what kind of catalytic converter can work without Platinum? Cheaper units scrimp on Platinum --and you know what that does - a marginal cat that can fail on your e-test

Some commodity prices are on a real roller coaster ride .... eh? Most suppliers has contracts to limit short term swings-- but you can see that some sort of price hick is coming.

Monday, March 03, 2008

EVAP course for March ....

Ready for March 26 & 27 ??

Details on Course ........Most manufacturers have recently migrated their EVAP monitors from those that run during a normal drive cycle to those that run while the vehicle is parked overnight. This course covers these systems which can be somewhat confusing and difficult to diagnose. Some of these systems require over 16 hours of testing data to be captured before making a decision for pass or fail. These systems also consist of small leak tests of 0.020" which are challenging current technology leak test methods. You will learn how to use new technologies to find these leaks as well as understand how these monitors run so you can duplicate the process in your bay