Wednesday, October 31, 2007

top 20 tools

Every year MOTOR Magazine runs a contest to find the top 20 tools.

Motor's top 20 list in pdf -- click here

BTW --the magazine MOTOR is not offered free in Canada - but is an excellent magazine -- you can see it here .... Motor web site -- but since they use an odd layout--we can't give you the link -- you need to work your way thru

1) click on MOTOR Magazine on right hand
2) click on ARTICLES & FEATURES - this gets you the current issue
3) click on BACK ISSUES on blue bar to see past issues

Monday, October 29, 2007

Winner is ....

The winner was Vandui Bui the owner of Bavarian Auto Service ---special thanks to NGK Canada for donation of wide band o2 sensor tuning kit -- some racer will be very happy. Draw was pulled by instructor - Lary Goudge.

Again --thanks to NGK. You broke many hearts from guys who wanted to be the lucky one.

See you all at the next class Nov 28 & 29

Monday, October 15, 2007

CTI classes start Wed Oct 24 & Thur Oct 25


well-- it is that time of year again -- CTI class training ....

Click this link --to see a SPECIAL DOOR PRIZE we will be awarding some lucky participant. Enter your name and e-mail adress on Wed night --and we will draw a lucky winner on Thur night during the Tim Horton coffee break. This prize is courtesy of NGK -what a fitting prize to make that tuneup on that special vehicle just that much better ...

NGK Prize --- NOTE --this is NOT even stocked in Canada !!!!! --- wow .....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Identifix turns 20

Identifix started life as a call in help center - then as the internet adapted and grew - they added a web site side of things as well. CARQUEST has an affiliation with them and offers a discount to join thru CARQUEST as a national program

Here is article of 20 years

aftermarket article - 20 Years of Identifix

Here is the web site CARQUEST DirectHIT

You can have a free no obligation demo over the phone at your convenience - just call Jeff Meyer at 1-866-698-1976 x 2055 and please -- mention you saw this on the CTI blog --thanks

Monday, October 01, 2007

TPMS info

This is a test to see how we can link to uTube video's

The KTI-71990A tool currently on sale at CARQUEST is the same tool as the TIPS shown in the video

----TIPS home page---
----KT Tool home page---

If you do NOT see the youTube video - then you are being blocked by WebSense (done for corporate JV stores and Warehouses) --copy this link and play on your computer

-link to You Tube Video here -