Monday, May 28, 2007



Deadline approaching quickly!

Marion Roberts Memorial Scholarship

· Applicants must be the dependent child or spouse, of a full-time employee in an active AIA member company in good standing. Confirmation of the parent's/spouse's employment must be provided by the Member Company and be sent along with the scholarship application.

· Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time post secondary program leading to a degree, certificate or diploma at an accredited university, college, technical school or C.E.G.E.P. (Quebec).

Application Deadline: July 31st, 2007

Hans McCorriston Motive Power Machinist Grant Program

· For students pursuing careers as motive power machinists.

· Applicants must be enrolled in the AIA Motive Power Machinist Training Program or a college-level machinist training program within Canada.

Application Deadline: October 15th, 2007

Visit for detailed information or contact

Lisa at (800) 808-2920 ext 227


Completed applications can be faxed to (613) 728 -6021 or mailed to:

Automotive Industries Association of Canada

1272 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

apprentice rebates

this was copied from an e-mail received from CIIA -- if you have any additional info -- please call Greg at 519-322-2558 or Randy at 519-948-4107 and we can update for the benefit of all
NEED TO PAY A FEE TO ACCESS CREDITS says solicitation asking for $500 per apprentice is not required

April 3, 2007

The Collision Industry Information Assistance ( web site is warning shops that attempts to convince them to use a company to obtain dollars owing to them in apprenticeship credits is not needed.

Tony Nigro of advises that a number of shops have been contacted recently and told that for a 25% contingency fee or $500 per apprentice per year, a private company will obtain a cheque owing to them for apprentice credits.

"The incentives and credits available to hire and retain apprentices are often not know to shops. Receiving a call from a company who will handle that credit for you is inviting, but the fees are not. Shops can easily fill out and send in the forms themselves, without paying contingency fees or a large percentage of the monies owning to them, said Mr. Nigro, President of the Hamilton district Autobody Repair Association (HARA)

Starting May 18, 2004, an apprenticeship credit was available for employers who would be eligible to receive a refundable tax credit of 25 per cent on salaries for apprentices paid after May 18, 2004. Smaller businesses - those with payrolls under $400,000 - would be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30 per cent on salaries for apprentices. For additional details on the tax credit: .

In addition, the 2004 Budget also included a new $1,000 Apprenticeship Scholarship and $2,000 Employer signing bonus initiative to encourage employers in the trades to register new apprentices in sectors where there is a high demand. This initiative will assist employers to hire and register as apprentices young people under 25 years of age who have left school prior to completing the minimum academic requirements for apprenticeship registration. Youth applicants must first complete their academic upgrading in order to become registered apprentices.

A package to assist collision shop owners in obtaining their credits themselves is available at 1-866-309-4272 or e-mail at

For more information on how to become a collision repair apprentice see:

For warnings on solicitation for environmental fee scam please see:

For warning on scams and outrageous fees see:

update !!!! courtesy of John from MSJ - thanks John

Hello I can tell you that there are 2 tax credits for auto technician apprentices. Up to $5000.00 annually from province for 3 years, $2000.00 annually from federal tax credits. Check links below, every accountant should be applying for this at year end. Shop owners should not leave this money with the government. I have received tax credit cheques. It will take a few months after applying.

this space reserved for additional updated and comments on apprentice rebates ---

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ODP re-qualify rules change

Late breaking news -- we are still trying to get all the pieces -- but here is a nut shell

No re-exam for renewal -- you will "be required to update their information and renew their certification every five years upon payment of a renewal fee"

Further .... if you let your certification LAPSE --then you will need to take the one day test all over again like a new tech -- watch for more details ....

Hot off the press

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Air Conditioning Chemicals

This line of excellent compressor chemicals by Super Cool Super Cool will soon be available in E-Cat that you can access thru WEB-LINK ( see your CARQUEST salesman for details on WEB-LINK if you haven;t already )

In the mean time you can click -- click here to download 2.5mb file