Monday, June 25, 2007

Pricing Matrix for parts -- just a suggestion

At the recent CTI shop management class - Alban mentioned the parts matrix pricing -- here is a TEST -- you have to look at the pieces and set your own -- but this might get you thinking along these lines ...please leave a comment if you like or dis-like

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mark up - vs - Margin

Alban mentioned how many ( darn near everyone !! ??) gets the difference between mark-up and margin wrong at some point in their life --- see the post from Thur Dec 7th 2006 -- time for a refresher? Download the sticker template and print off for your staff? Make more money?

What is AMI ?

From Day one of Alban Bennett's management course - Alban mentions credit for course from AMI - Automotive Management Institute is web site link ....... AMI

Go explain and see what else you can learn. Use the internet to grow your business and expand your knowledge.

For example --- Instructor blog

alumni blog info

student blog info

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

re-post of June 20 & 21 management course

last course of the year ..........

same location -- Location: St. Clair College, Room 320

BMC-601 Maximizing Your Labor Opportunity 6/20/07 & 6/21/07
CARQUEST welcomes you to a Business Management class designed to
give you the critical skills necessary to develop a comprehensive business plan that
will maximize the profit opportunities for you, your employees, and your company. As
part of our FOCUSED Business Solutions program, "Maximizing Your Labor
Opportunity" is the first critical step to success.

Labor is the single largest source of revenue in your service center and the one
least understood and often mismanaged. In this workshop you will learn to measure:

!" Understanding what you sell
!" Calculating your labor opportunity
!" The Nature of time
!" Measuring time
!" Proficiency
!" Productivity
!" Efficiency
!" Realizing full labor potential
!" Impact of not selling all your time
!" Gross profit / sales demand
!" Labor rate calculations
!" Service Consultant labor skills
!" Service Consultant labor tools
!" Time keeping systems
!" Plan for improvement
!" Implementation / Action plan

Instructor: Horizon Management Instructor Albain Bennett ( not the tech instructor Lary Gouge )

Monday, June 04, 2007

CARQUEST Direct Hit ( Identifix )

as requested - here are details for CARQUEST Direct Hit

If you want to book it directly with Identifix $129/ mth ( first 3 months special for $99/ mth )

If you want to book thru CARQUEST as a customer of CARQUEST Direct Hit CARQUEST ... $124/ mth ( 3 mths for $94/ mth special)

If you are a TECH-NET shop ... you are $114 /mth ( all prices in US Funds -- but our stronger dollar is helping ) ( 3 mth special $84/ mth )

And as another special --for any shop who is NOT a current Identifix hot-line subscriber -- you will get unlimited hot line support for the 3 months-- included in the introductory price --some restriction apply --so call for details ... 866-698-1976 --this hot line is a great back up for when all else fails.

jeff Meyer is the sales rep for the Ontario area -- call Jeff at 866-698-1976 extension 2055 9:00 to 5:30 est - he can set up demo's for your shop