Friday, November 23, 2007

Longer Cars ?

Car lasting longer?? ...what will this mean for you? It should help your business!!!!!!

Video link for article

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WPARA info

Thanks to Terry Jarvis for forwarding this

.....F Y I .... the Windsor Professional Automotive Repair Association (WPARA) is currently the largest ASP/Independent Repair Shop association in Ontario, and possibly in Canada, numbering 30+ members - they are most of all of the 'top shops' in the Windsor area, and some of them fly a national banner program. Their monthly meetings always have a high ratio of turnout - when I was there last week there was 27 members in attendance - they are a member of AIA Canada, and they have a national voice with a seat on the AIA-ASPA Council.

WPARA holds an annual open golf tournament and, as attached, they also have an open Christmas Party. Just recently they donated $1800 to a local charity "We Care For Kids".

If you don't know this group then this is an excellent opportunity for you, and/or one of your local associates, to become acquainted - so feel comfortable to pass on this info.

**** And take my word, they are a lot of fun.

Merry Christmas! Terry.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

top 20 tools

Every year MOTOR Magazine runs a contest to find the top 20 tools.

Motor's top 20 list in pdf -- click here

BTW --the magazine MOTOR is not offered free in Canada - but is an excellent magazine -- you can see it here .... Motor web site -- but since they use an odd layout--we can't give you the link -- you need to work your way thru

1) click on MOTOR Magazine on right hand
2) click on ARTICLES & FEATURES - this gets you the current issue
3) click on BACK ISSUES on blue bar to see past issues

Monday, October 29, 2007

Winner is ....

The winner was Vandui Bui the owner of Bavarian Auto Service ---special thanks to NGK Canada for donation of wide band o2 sensor tuning kit -- some racer will be very happy. Draw was pulled by instructor - Lary Goudge.

Again --thanks to NGK. You broke many hearts from guys who wanted to be the lucky one.

See you all at the next class Nov 28 & 29

Monday, October 15, 2007

CTI classes start Wed Oct 24 & Thur Oct 25


well-- it is that time of year again -- CTI class training ....

Click this link --to see a SPECIAL DOOR PRIZE we will be awarding some lucky participant. Enter your name and e-mail adress on Wed night --and we will draw a lucky winner on Thur night during the Tim Horton coffee break. This prize is courtesy of NGK -what a fitting prize to make that tuneup on that special vehicle just that much better ...

NGK Prize --- NOTE --this is NOT even stocked in Canada !!!!! --- wow .....

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Identifix turns 20

Identifix started life as a call in help center - then as the internet adapted and grew - they added a web site side of things as well. CARQUEST has an affiliation with them and offers a discount to join thru CARQUEST as a national program

Here is article of 20 years

aftermarket article - 20 Years of Identifix

Here is the web site CARQUEST DirectHIT

You can have a free no obligation demo over the phone at your convenience - just call Jeff Meyer at 1-866-698-1976 x 2055 and please -- mention you saw this on the CTI blog --thanks

Monday, October 01, 2007

TPMS info

This is a test to see how we can link to uTube video's

The KTI-71990A tool currently on sale at CARQUEST is the same tool as the TIPS shown in the video

----TIPS home page---
----KT Tool home page---

If you do NOT see the youTube video - then you are being blocked by WebSense (done for corporate JV stores and Warehouses) --copy this link and play on your computer

-link to You Tube Video here -

Friday, September 28, 2007

still need shop enrollments - 2008 course posted

The new 2008 courses have been posted --see to the RIGHT HAND link -- along with many other links that are very helpful for shops to grow and prosper. Know another shop who you are friends with -- encourage them to attend as well. Knowledge doesn't cost - knowledge pays.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Download this and POST

The SHORT answer ---

click HERE and post this for your customers


Market research conducted by AIA Canada has identified an alarming misconception among Canadian motorists which is costing the aftermarket $1.3 billion in lost revenues annually. 41% of motorists in Canada believe that it is mandatory to take their vehicle to a dealer for maintenance services in order to maintain warranty coverage. This confusion limits freedom and convenience for consumers, while aftermarket companies miss out on service opportunities for newer vehicles.

Currently there are $3.2 billion spent annually in maintenance work on vehicles under warranty in Canada. If 41% of these owners believe they HAVE to take their vehicle to a dealer for their maintenance work, it translates to $1.3 billion in potentially lost business for the aftermarket.

New car dealers are increasingly aggressive in advising consumers that they are the only choice for service and maintenance while the vehicle is under warranty. Informing consumers about the aftermarket alternative is imperative to protecting consumer choice.

AIA Canada’s Retail Council has developed an industry-endorsed statement assuring Canadian vehicle owners that aftermarket shops are equally qualified and capable of maintaining a vehicle while it is still under the manufacturer’s original warranty or an extended warranty.

The Notice to Consumers, now available as a printable PDF document at, tackles two key issues. It confronts the dealer assertion regarding who is allowed to do the work and its impact on warranty coverage. It also addresses the issue of qualifications and the ability of aftermarket shops to provide service and repair during the warranty period.

AIA Canada’s Right to Repair efforts as well as our ASP accreditation initiative are two ways the Association is working as an industry to address this misconception. Both initiatives will help improve consumer confidence in the aftermarket and improve viability of the independent repair facility. To learn more about how to take advantage of this opportunity to educate your clients join AIA at this year’s AXIS event on Friday, November 23rd. Dave Meunier, President of TACT, will talk about his Warranty Manager software and process which allows shops to build a relationship with existing customers who purchase a new vehicle to keep that customer coming back even while the vehicle is under warranty. And John Watt from Petro-Canada Certigard will discuss the merits of the MAP Canada program and how it can improve your customer satisfaction levels.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

TPMS Catalog

Here is a PDF of the 2006 TPMS catalo -- there is a NEW application guide out very soon -- with even MORE parts and applications -this is a rapidly changing market

click here to see and download TPMS Catalogue

Watch for more items to help you understand the TPMS 'stuff' -- great clinic last night -- eh!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sample e-learning courses available

You have access to sample courses >>>

click here

for CTI participants. Note -- if you are also a TECH-NET shop -- see your sales rep- as you have some of these courses paid for thru Tech-Net.

See your CARQUEST sales rep for more details

Monday, August 20, 2007

TPMS stand alone clinic offered Wed Sept 19th

a repeat of the course offered last year - tire pressure monitoring systems ( TPMS ) is offered as a stand alone course. perhaps you have a new tech who missed the course last year - now they can get up to speed.

We have other items on the blog for TPMS - do a search

Here is the flyer --click to make larger

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

2007-08 course line - up

The first draft for the 2007-08 CTI classes is available.

Click here to download .pdf copy >>>> 2007-08 Advanced Course

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

training for smoke machines

If your shop still doesn't have a smoke machine --here is a link to view video's on operations -- many shops are finds a wide variety of uses to make smoke machines make the shop good money and to really save time in finding the problem THE FIRST TIME.

This smoke machine is $1200 ( stripped down machines start less - but 99% of all units are this one) and uses baby oil - so the price on the machine and the refills are most sensibly priced.

REDLINE video's

Horizon shop management forms

here is link to Horizon's web page

from last shop management class

they sell forms and site offers links to other management courses they offer - just in case you need an excuse to go south or west for a combo vacation and training.

Horizon website

Monday, June 25, 2007

Pricing Matrix for parts -- just a suggestion

At the recent CTI shop management class - Alban mentioned the parts matrix pricing -- here is a TEST -- you have to look at the pieces and set your own -- but this might get you thinking along these lines ...please leave a comment if you like or dis-like

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mark up - vs - Margin

Alban mentioned how many ( darn near everyone !! ??) gets the difference between mark-up and margin wrong at some point in their life --- see the post from Thur Dec 7th 2006 -- time for a refresher? Download the sticker template and print off for your staff? Make more money?

What is AMI ?

From Day one of Alban Bennett's management course - Alban mentions credit for course from AMI - Automotive Management Institute is web site link ....... AMI

Go explain and see what else you can learn. Use the internet to grow your business and expand your knowledge.

For example --- Instructor blog

alumni blog info

student blog info

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

re-post of June 20 & 21 management course

last course of the year ..........

same location -- Location: St. Clair College, Room 320

BMC-601 Maximizing Your Labor Opportunity 6/20/07 & 6/21/07
CARQUEST welcomes you to a Business Management class designed to
give you the critical skills necessary to develop a comprehensive business plan that
will maximize the profit opportunities for you, your employees, and your company. As
part of our FOCUSED Business Solutions program, "Maximizing Your Labor
Opportunity" is the first critical step to success.

Labor is the single largest source of revenue in your service center and the one
least understood and often mismanaged. In this workshop you will learn to measure:

!" Understanding what you sell
!" Calculating your labor opportunity
!" The Nature of time
!" Measuring time
!" Proficiency
!" Productivity
!" Efficiency
!" Realizing full labor potential
!" Impact of not selling all your time
!" Gross profit / sales demand
!" Labor rate calculations
!" Service Consultant labor skills
!" Service Consultant labor tools
!" Time keeping systems
!" Plan for improvement
!" Implementation / Action plan

Instructor: Horizon Management Instructor Albain Bennett ( not the tech instructor Lary Gouge )

Monday, June 04, 2007

CARQUEST Direct Hit ( Identifix )

as requested - here are details for CARQUEST Direct Hit

If you want to book it directly with Identifix $129/ mth ( first 3 months special for $99/ mth )

If you want to book thru CARQUEST as a customer of CARQUEST Direct Hit CARQUEST ... $124/ mth ( 3 mths for $94/ mth special)

If you are a TECH-NET shop ... you are $114 /mth ( all prices in US Funds -- but our stronger dollar is helping ) ( 3 mth special $84/ mth )

And as another special --for any shop who is NOT a current Identifix hot-line subscriber -- you will get unlimited hot line support for the 3 months-- included in the introductory price --some restriction apply --so call for details ... 866-698-1976 --this hot line is a great back up for when all else fails.

jeff Meyer is the sales rep for the Ontario area -- call Jeff at 866-698-1976 extension 2055 9:00 to 5:30 est - he can set up demo's for your shop

Monday, May 28, 2007



Deadline approaching quickly!

Marion Roberts Memorial Scholarship

· Applicants must be the dependent child or spouse, of a full-time employee in an active AIA member company in good standing. Confirmation of the parent's/spouse's employment must be provided by the Member Company and be sent along with the scholarship application.

· Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time post secondary program leading to a degree, certificate or diploma at an accredited university, college, technical school or C.E.G.E.P. (Quebec).

Application Deadline: July 31st, 2007

Hans McCorriston Motive Power Machinist Grant Program

· For students pursuing careers as motive power machinists.

· Applicants must be enrolled in the AIA Motive Power Machinist Training Program or a college-level machinist training program within Canada.

Application Deadline: October 15th, 2007

Visit for detailed information or contact

Lisa at (800) 808-2920 ext 227


Completed applications can be faxed to (613) 728 -6021 or mailed to:

Automotive Industries Association of Canada

1272 Wellington Street West, Ottawa, ON K1Y 3A7

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

apprentice rebates

this was copied from an e-mail received from CIIA -- if you have any additional info -- please call Greg at 519-322-2558 or Randy at 519-948-4107 and we can update for the benefit of all
NEED TO PAY A FEE TO ACCESS CREDITS says solicitation asking for $500 per apprentice is not required

April 3, 2007

The Collision Industry Information Assistance ( web site is warning shops that attempts to convince them to use a company to obtain dollars owing to them in apprenticeship credits is not needed.

Tony Nigro of advises that a number of shops have been contacted recently and told that for a 25% contingency fee or $500 per apprentice per year, a private company will obtain a cheque owing to them for apprentice credits.

"The incentives and credits available to hire and retain apprentices are often not know to shops. Receiving a call from a company who will handle that credit for you is inviting, but the fees are not. Shops can easily fill out and send in the forms themselves, without paying contingency fees or a large percentage of the monies owning to them, said Mr. Nigro, President of the Hamilton district Autobody Repair Association (HARA)

Starting May 18, 2004, an apprenticeship credit was available for employers who would be eligible to receive a refundable tax credit of 25 per cent on salaries for apprentices paid after May 18, 2004. Smaller businesses - those with payrolls under $400,000 - would be eligible for a tax credit of up to 30 per cent on salaries for apprentices. For additional details on the tax credit: .

In addition, the 2004 Budget also included a new $1,000 Apprenticeship Scholarship and $2,000 Employer signing bonus initiative to encourage employers in the trades to register new apprentices in sectors where there is a high demand. This initiative will assist employers to hire and register as apprentices young people under 25 years of age who have left school prior to completing the minimum academic requirements for apprenticeship registration. Youth applicants must first complete their academic upgrading in order to become registered apprentices.

A package to assist collision shop owners in obtaining their credits themselves is available at 1-866-309-4272 or e-mail at

For more information on how to become a collision repair apprentice see:

For warnings on solicitation for environmental fee scam please see:

For warning on scams and outrageous fees see:

update !!!! courtesy of John from MSJ - thanks John

Hello I can tell you that there are 2 tax credits for auto technician apprentices. Up to $5000.00 annually from province for 3 years, $2000.00 annually from federal tax credits. Check links below, every accountant should be applying for this at year end. Shop owners should not leave this money with the government. I have received tax credit cheques. It will take a few months after applying.

this space reserved for additional updated and comments on apprentice rebates ---

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ODP re-qualify rules change

Late breaking news -- we are still trying to get all the pieces -- but here is a nut shell

No re-exam for renewal -- you will "be required to update their information and renew their certification every five years upon payment of a renewal fee"

Further .... if you let your certification LAPSE --then you will need to take the one day test all over again like a new tech -- watch for more details ....

Hot off the press

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Air Conditioning Chemicals

This line of excellent compressor chemicals by Super Cool Super Cool will soon be available in E-Cat that you can access thru WEB-LINK ( see your CARQUEST salesman for details on WEB-LINK if you haven;t already )

In the mean time you can click -- click here to download 2.5mb file

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

June Management Course Details

CTI Season Line-up
Region #: CAN-61026-5
Location: St. Clair College, Room 320
Course # Course Name and Description Hours Dates
BMC-601 Maximizing Your Labor Opportunity 8 6/20/07 & 6/21/07
CARQUEST welcomes you to a Business Management class designed to
give you the critical skills necessary to develop a comprehensive business plan that
will maximize the profit opportunities for you, your employees, and your company. As
part of our FOCUSED Business Solutions program, "Maximizing Your Labor
Opportunity" is the first critical step to success.

Labor is the single largest source of revenue in your service center and the one
least understood and often mismanaged. In this workshop you will learn to measure:

!" Understanding what you sell
!" Calculating your labor opportunity
!" The Nature of time
!" Measuring time
!" Proficiency
!" Productivity
!" Efficiency
!" Realizing full labor potential
!" Impact of not selling all your time
!" Gross profit / sales demand
!" Labor rate calculations
!" Service Consultant labor skills
!" Service Consultant labor tools
!" Time keeping systems
!" Plan for improvement
!" Implementation / Action plan

Instructor: Horizon Management Instructor Albain Bennett ( not the tech instructor Lary Gouge )

Right To Repair - article of interest

PLEASEEZZZZZZZZ HELP !!!!!!!!!!! ( click on image to enlarge )

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

AC Course Wed April 18 & Thur April 19th

Reminder for all - of the change from the original outline -- the Air Conditioning course ADDED to this spot Wed April 18 and Thur April 19th ( and the GM DuraMax course moved to May 30th &31st )

Lary Gouge has an 'soft spot' for Air Conditioning and has a wealth of tips and tricks that will benefit even the most experienced of tech's.

OF SPECIAL NOTE -- there will be an extra 20 spots for this two day course made available at $150 for the two day event. Tickets are limited and Randy Thomson will be the 'ticketmaster' .... if you know of someone who would like to attend contact Randy at 519-948-4107 or fax to 519-948-3232 or e-mail to

There will NOT be any extra tickets available for the GM Dura-Max course - but there will be tickets available for the Shop Management Course in June 20th and 21st. Ticket info will be posted later as the June course approaches -- you can reserve a early spot if contact Randy. That extra ticket will be $150 for the two day event as well.

Monday, March 05, 2007

#5 picture - go fast

Click here to download full size image -- use it for screen saver or whatever ... enjoy -- --- #5 --- >>> #5 <<<

This year Kellogg's and CARQUEST rotate logo's on the front hood - will try to get image of 2nd paint scheme as well.

Monday, February 26, 2007

April 18th & 19th Air Conditioning

Some techs have been saying --just what can anyone teach me about air conditioning ... hmmm ... you will be challenged at the class change for April 18 & 19 with the air course ... it would be a shame if you thought you really knew it all --- come and pick up a few tips that will save you time & money. After the course -- tell us if you learned anything -- we need the feedback.


Diagnosis and service procedures are covered for today’s advanced AC systems. The AC industry is flooded every year with parts failures caused by improper diagnostics and service procedures. The course covers the latest diagnostic techniques and service procedures for import and domestic vehicles to ensure your success and profitability during the air conditioning season .

Lary also notes ... "The AC course is aimed strictly at diagnosis and repair. The newer technologies have created many diagnostic headaches and repeated component failures. It is our aim to spend as much time on diagnostics and new technology, not how a basic system works."

So - if you have a new tech -- have him refresh on basics BEFORE the class -- he won't have any time during the class on basics .... be ready to hit the road running ....

source of Information -- try message boards

Need some info on how to be a better shop -- check out some message boards ( sometimes called discussion boards or forums - al the same concept )

Mitchell1's shop manager software forum

The above link is specific to the Management program that Mitchell1 offers - but you can see what others are asking and sharing.

Does you shop have hand written invoices? Time to put a more professional image? What else can a computer system do for your shop? Hmm ....

Service Advisor Tips ( shared from New Car Dealers )

Here is a summary that Mitchell1 sent users of their shop management program .... a link to the complete article is at the bottom - enjoy -- learn -- KEEP your customers coming back to you --- IMPROVE your image and reputation -- get more customers to become fans and they will refer more of their friends ...

Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Investment in Service Advisor Training
By Lee Harkins Ward's Dealer Business, Nov 1, 2006

No. 10. Stop looking for the magic pill! There is none! It's all about relationships!

The service advisor has only minutes to project an image to a client. This is more important than selling the business. Our objective should be about long-term clients. A good relationship establishes creditability. A retained service client is an opportunity to sell another vehicle. And we are in the car selling business, right?

No. 9. Improve your “non-verbal” communications. Your advisors are “the dealership” to your clients. Their words are often drowned out by their body language. Place a video camera in the service lane for a day. When you play it back, ask yourself, “Is this the level of service I want to offer?” Do your advisors look like the kung-fu fighters from the movies with all the movement? Are they really showing a genuine interest in the client's concern?

No. 8. Don't try to change the basic belief structure of advisors. We often hold beliefs instilled from childhood. Trying to change someone is difficult. Learn the behavior and basic personality of the advisors, then design a presentation to maximize the skill sets of each individual, while still accomplishing your objectives.

No. 7. Stop using “cookie cutter” presentations. Your service-sales process must be designed for you and your dealership. It must be based on your products and your business philosophies. These are key components of a successful process.

Your trainer should develop with you a customized process. You don't need them to force feed your people a process they will not believe in. Otherwise, the first chance the advisors get to stop using it, they will.

No. 6. There are no “advanced techniques” or “advanced levels,” just the advanced application of the basics. The basics have not changed. Cars need repairs and maintenance. The needs of the client have not changed, the way we perform these services has, and they require a thorough explanation to the client. An active delivery process is mandatory with every client, every time.

No. 5. The highest level of selling is when someone is being sold and doesn't know it. Can you recall a place where you felt undue pressure to make a purchase? Do you remember the negative impression you had when you left? In most cases, you will not return to that place of business.

We will buy from people we like. Consider this: How much selling is required to sell someone an oil change? As the consumer, I already know I needed it. If the client is in your service department, 60% of the decision to buy is done. Don't screw up the other 40% by pressing the client to buy unneeded services.

Focus on hitting singles, not home runs with every client. Establish creditability and recommend only the services or repairs the clients need.

No. 4. The advisors must know when to stop talking and start listening. One of the hardest lessons is to know when to shut up. I have seen countless advisors talk themselves out of a sale because no one has ever taught them to listen to the client.

A dealer gave me a saying that has stayed with me for years: “The devil is in the details.” If your advisor misses one little detail of a client's needed service, you run the risk of losing the client.

No. 3. The dealer/general manager must get involved. Most dealers and general managers are very comfortable in getting involved in a vehicle sale on the showroom floor.

But how comfortable are you with writing a repair order with a service customer? It's worth doing. Look at your financial statement and see what percentage of your net profit came from your service department.

What if you got involved with service and became as comfortable with it as you are with the sales side of the house? The results will be enormous.

Sit in on the training provided to the advisory staff. Become comfortable with the service-sales process and, from time to time, interact with service clients. You don't have to know how to fix a car to write detailed service orders. You just need a process that you and your staff are comfortable with.

No. 2. Stop focusing the advisory staff on selling business. If they are focused on selling the business only, you'll run off a lot of service clients. Our business is about convenience. Sell the effort to accommodate the client based on their agenda, not ours. An accurate work completion time is a must every time. The advisor must be trained to meet the time promised. Technicians must do their part to support this.

No. 1. Service-sales management must be involved, too. Often, the management of the process is the part that is first to stop working. As an advisor, if I'm uncomfortable using a new and improved process, I stop using it, given the chance. Management must monitor the process daily. The first excuse offered by management is: “I don't have time.” Make time. A minimum 30 minutes in the morning and 30 in the afternoon can provide great returns. It must be made a priority in the daily work plan. The dealer and general manager must expect it to happen and they must follow it up as well.

In addition, service managers must be capable of providing supplemental training to their advisory staff. Once a week follow-up training on each step of the process is beneficial as well.

Service operations should have two focuses. First, they should build personal and friendly relationships with clients. Second, they should provide convenient service, based on client needs, not ours.

Wards Dealer - Train the service advisor article

Friday, February 23, 2007

can you name the use for these bolts ?


Can you figure out what bolt is used for what special job?

For example the first ( upper left ) is a pair of special bolts used for an offset hole.Below that on the left is a ''reverse taper" and a neat bolt for when you mis-drilled the first hole just a bit to the left or right of where it needed to be.

Can you name the rest? While CARQUEST carries quite a selection of bolts --not all these are yet available thru CARQUEST and you need to improvise. Now - where did I put that wrench.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Course change !!!

At yesterdays class the tech's agreed with Lary and voted for a change

The Hybrid class will be rescheduled for next year - and will be made an even stronger topic

The GM DuraMax Diesel class will move to May 30th and 31st

An Air Conditioning class will take the April spot -- April 18th and 19th --

We will update the course sheet asap.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Time for an AC update course ?


Need more AC training --- listen to this MP3 clip -- and then ask ...

----AC Training - do I really need an update ?? ----

Monday, February 19, 2007

check this web page out

The customers on web-link have a link to this ...... click here

Try it out -- learn and have fun

Your VOTE counts

You will be asked to vote on a possible change -- your vote counts -- but only if you are at the class this week -- See you there --on Toyota tips -- see you on Wed & Thur

Daylight savings dates change this year

Daylight saving time starts earlier this year - March 11, 2007 and runs LONGER -- changing at Nov 4th ....we will see how many computers get this right ...:-)

Be Ready

see this link for more info .... daylight saving time changes