Friday, April 18, 2008

Business Mgmt Course- May 14 & 15

Advanced Workflow Systems – May 14 & 15/ 2008-


Alban has been in the Business Management Training industry for over 7 years. He is recognized as one of the top automotive industry trainers and is an approved AMI instructor. Alban has instructed and coached CARQUEST customers in hundreds of cities throughout North America. Alban’s unique presentation style and real world knowledge of the automotive industry will pre- pare you to take your business to the next level

CARQUEST welcomes you to a business management class designed to give you the critical skills necessary to develop a comprehensive business plan that will maximize the profit opportunities for you, your employees, and your company. Improved labor management skills will allow your service center to better manage and sell all of its available time every day. However, you will only realize benefits from that if you have people and systems in place to move the additional work through your shop effectively. In this workshop you will acquire workflow skills to:

Learn an Effective Appointment Scheduling System •
Master Control Center •
Effective Labor Inventory Management •
Detailed Customer Needs •
Accurate Customer Contact Information

The 4 “C’s” of Effective Workflow Management

Accurate Production Tracking

Implementation/Action plan

Service Consultant Workflow Skills •
Completing the Sale
Customer Follow-Up

Service Consultant Workflow Tools
Forms and Questionnaires
Repair Orders and Repair Order Racks
R/O Tagging
Menu Boards
Repair Kits/Shop Supplies
Environmental Fees

Monday, April 07, 2008

Last tech course for year

Well--the last tech course for the 2007-08 is coming this April ( 23 & 24 ) .... with only a shop management course to round out the year. We thank you for your co-operation and attendance and hope that you have found these courses helpful in making you a better tech ....


This course will challenge you to apply the skills you have learned or the processes you currently use to solve case
studies of documented broken vehicles. CTI MINDS-ON TRAINING techniques will be used to display the data from each
vehicle so all students have access to the information needed to solve each problem. By practicing problem solving in the
classroom, the technician is better able to recognize the patterns in data when faced with a similar problem in their bay.

Mark your calendar