Monday, February 26, 2007

April 18th & 19th Air Conditioning

Some techs have been saying --just what can anyone teach me about air conditioning ... hmmm ... you will be challenged at the class change for April 18 & 19 with the air course ... it would be a shame if you thought you really knew it all --- come and pick up a few tips that will save you time & money. After the course -- tell us if you learned anything -- we need the feedback.


Diagnosis and service procedures are covered for today’s advanced AC systems. The AC industry is flooded every year with parts failures caused by improper diagnostics and service procedures. The course covers the latest diagnostic techniques and service procedures for import and domestic vehicles to ensure your success and profitability during the air conditioning season .

Lary also notes ... "The AC course is aimed strictly at diagnosis and repair. The newer technologies have created many diagnostic headaches and repeated component failures. It is our aim to spend as much time on diagnostics and new technology, not how a basic system works."

So - if you have a new tech -- have him refresh on basics BEFORE the class -- he won't have any time during the class on basics .... be ready to hit the road running ....

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