Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WPARA info

Thanks to Terry Jarvis for forwarding this

.....F Y I .... the Windsor Professional Automotive Repair Association (WPARA) is currently the largest ASP/Independent Repair Shop association in Ontario, and possibly in Canada, numbering 30+ members - they are most of all of the 'top shops' in the Windsor area, and some of them fly a national banner program. Their monthly meetings always have a high ratio of turnout - when I was there last week there was 27 members in attendance - they are a member of AIA Canada, and they have a national voice with a seat on the AIA-ASPA Council.

WPARA holds an annual open golf tournament and, as attached, they also have an open Christmas Party. Just recently they donated $1800 to a local charity "We Care For Kids".

If you don't know this group then this is an excellent opportunity for you, and/or one of your local associates, to become acquainted - so feel comfortable to pass on this info.

**** And take my word, they are a lot of fun.

Merry Christmas! Terry.

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