Monday, June 23, 2008

Setting up enviro fees

We have called both Lankar & Mitchell1 ... here is what they say ,,,,

Lankar .... Hi Greg,
Great talking to you today.
Please instruct your customers to click on the word Help in the Main Menu, Lankar on the world wide web, Autogence Support Cue.

The support cue will come up, click Open New Case.
Enter your name,
Enter the reason for the call. Have them write, new Supplier Tax
and click Submit Case.

Our support department will then contact the customer and make sure that they are set up properly.

Thank you,

Brigette :)
Sr. Account Representative/
Sales Manager
Autogence Inc.
(800) 446-3087 Ext. 205


Mitchell1 ...... John Dwulet writes .... Adding taxable or non-taxable fee to a part will do the trick I believe... which is supported by the application ( see image --click to enlarge )

Forwarded by Karl Coleman - National Account Manager for CARQUEST accounts


Hope this helps ---comments appreciated

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