Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Service Writer Class

We are trying to enrol 15 shops to hold this class locally ... see your salesmen at Petes Paint or D&aT Auto  or Auto Barn ....

#1 Exceptional Customer Handling Skills
Course Objectives:
·       Grow sales by creating higher levels of customer satisfaction and trust.
·       Develop an understanding of how the service write-up processes affect the customer relationship.
·       Practice using skills and processes associated with building customer trust.
·       Understand the importance of Fixed Right First Time.
Course Description:
Exceptional Customer Handling Skills provides participants with industry best practices that lead to increased customer satisfaction, higher customer retention, and better profitability. Attendees will also learn how to reduce the anxiety of dealing with upset customers. The techniques and industry best practices presented during this highly interactive eight hourseminar will increase your customer experience. This course is appropriate for all skill levels.

#2  Service Counter Selling Skills
Course Objectives:
·       Grow sales by improving sales process and delivery.
·       Explore the customer purchase decision process.
·       Practice specific selling situations in real-world context.
·       Grow customer relationships by learning to create additional selling opportunities.
Course Description
Service Counter Selling Skills provides individuals and sales teams with an understanding of sales process, relationship building skills, and practical tools aimed at increasing both repair order count and effective labor rate. Participation in interactive exercises gives participants the opportunity to develop, and become comfortable with, selling preventative maintenance services, explaining repair estimates, and building stronger customer relationships.  Customer satisfaction, customer retention, and profitability are emphasized throughout this program.

#3 Handling Upset Customers
Course Objectives:
·       Grow sales by practicing skills related to dealing with difficult to manage customers
·       Understand what makes customers upset
·       Practice a 3-step process to managing an upset customer
·       Understand challenge resolution in the context of customer retention
Course Description
Dealing with an upset or disgruntled customer can be a source of significant anxiety to service counter associates. This highly interactive course provides an understanding of how to defuse tense situations associated with failed repairs, mishandled business transactions, and other customer satisfaction challenges. Participants learn and practice valuable skills used to calm customers, resolve customer concerns, and ensure high customer retention for their organization.

#4 Marketing and Sales Tools
Course Objectives:
·       Grow sales through the effective use of specific sales and marketing tools.
·       Create higher levels of customer retention by practicing the effective utilization of sales tools.
·       Recognize when and how to use specific sales related tools.
·       Provide participants an understanding of what tools are available.
Course Description
This seminar focuses on the effective use of an organization’s sales tools. We will introduce participants to available sales tools so that they understand where, when, and how to access the resource. Sales tools both within a given organization, as well as those available to the industry are explored. Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions, present challenges, and practice utilizing these sales tools effectively.

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